Sales & Service of European Sports & Touring Cars

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AutoLinc is a small sports and collector car business operated by George Leopard from Linc-Ontario Industrial Center in Ontario, NY, near Rochester. AutoLinc specializes in European Sports and GT cars of the ‘50’s thru the ‘80’s, but we are interested in all cars of merit as a current or future collectable. We opened as a one man “hobby dealership” in 2006, and now offer a wide range of support services to the collector car community.

Service – Randy Ames & Tom Abbott
Randy has 35 years experience working on all makes and years of European cars, and owned Phoenix Imports in East Rochester for 15 years. He spent 3 years traveling with a BMW team as a race mechanic.
Tom has been a “Jack of all trades”, an experienced machinist, NASCAR Sprint Car mechanic, and has worked with me for several years doing major work on everything from an E-Type Jag to a Lancia Fulvia.

Sales, Owner and Manager – George Leopard
I’m a life-long car nut (see CarNutzTales on our website) and am trying to emulate the small sports car operations I enjoyed working with in my earlier days. I try to buy low mileage, well kept cars suffering from inadequate use, and return them to excellent condition for the enjoyment and investment of educated enthusiasts.

Our motto is “Quality Cars, Quality Service, Full Disclosure, No Surprises” , and we do try to live by it. I’m always interested in purchasing additional good cars, and will sell your car on consignment. Give me a call, come visit! Our operations center is in Ontario, NY.